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Cedar Point – What To Do When It Rains, And The Hotel Breakers’ Makeover!

Our kids switched schools this year when we moved, and although they did really well adjusting – it was tough. Having as much consistency as possible is key when going through transitions; and one constant in our lives is an annual visit to Cedar Point. We were thrilled to be able to take the kids, [Read On]


My $18 Dollar Store Baseball Dinner

Baseball is a new thing to me. I discovered it just a few years ago when A.P. started playing Little League and noticed that it was actually a pretty interesting game.  I started going to more Whitecaps games, and watching the Tigers play on TV.  By the time the World Series came around last year [Read On]

Michigan Museum Entry

The Michigan Historical Museum. WAY More Interesting Than It Sounds.

The Michigan Historical Museum doesn’t really have a ring to it. It just sounds boring; like the most interesting artifact might be a 300 year old piece of tattered parchment paper with three words of some treaty scratched on it. Don’t let the name fool you. This place rocks. We visited just before it was [Read On]


Here We Go WildKratts – With a $5.00 DISCOUNT on Tickets!

My kids are (gulp) 9 and 11 now.  Most of the sweet, early childhood shows are behind us now; replaced with crazy – and frankly, annoying – characters that drive me nuts.  One show hangs on, though. One show made it to late childhood. That show is Wild Kratts, and I am always impressed with [Read On]


Ohana Means Family, And Family Means…

I worked with MomSelect and Disney Parks to bring you this information.  All opinions are my own.   Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind… or forgotten. That’s one of my favorite lines from a movie I have come to adore; Lilo and Stitch. I didn’t pay attention to it it at [Read On]


Fruit Crêpes with Reese’s Spreads

Last week we had ourselves a snow storm.  The kids were home from school, and my husband was stuck at work.  We were practically starving to death, but then I remembered I had a jar of Reese’s Spreads we hadn’t devoured yet. I also remembered that I knew how to make crêpes, (I am willing [Read On]

How to winterize your home and save on energy bills

It’s Going To Be A Rough Winter – Here’s How We Winterized Our New Home!

As you know, we moved late this summer.  It seemed like we had plenty of time to get our house ready before winter hit.  After all; how bad does it ever get before Christmas anyway? Oh…. If the snow storms this week are any indicator; it’s going to be another rough winter. Are you prepared? [Read On]


Big Hero 6 – Should You Take The Kids To See It?

We had a chance to see the new movie Big Hero 6 earlier this week.  I honestly hadn’t heard much about it, but when I asked my kids if they wanted to go, they were VERY excited.  I wondered if I had missed Big Hero 1 through 5? No; this is the first Big Hero [Read On]


Don’t Forget Treats For Your Dog!

 I have been compensated to share these ideas with you. All opinions are my own. Halloween is an important tradition in our family.  I used to be really terrible at celebrating it, but as my kids have gotten older I have come to love it.  We have an annual Spooky dinner and hang out with [Read On]

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