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Downtown Market Grand Rapids

Five Good Lessons Kids Learn At The Farmer’s Market {Downtown Market}

We spent an entire morning at the Downtown Market; acquiring rhubarb for our Cinnamon Rhubarb Muffins and a whole bunch of other delicious and tasty looking things we couldn’t live without. The vendors are friendly and eager to please.  Especially the Field and Fire bakery guy; he allows me to eat sample after sample and despite [Read On]

Cinnamon Rhubarb Muffins

Cinnamon Rhubarb Muffins – They’re Locally Delicious

Michigan is home to many agricultural delights, provided you are only hungry during the months of June, July, and August. The rest of the year the ground is frozen solid and we have to use ice picks to harvest potatoes. When things like asparagus and rhubarb start sprouting from the ground that so recently was [Read On]


I Spy With My Little Eye…A Way To Make Family Game Night Happen!

KFC has compensated me for sharing this information.  It is with great pleasure that I do so; and all opinions are my own. Family is everything to me and I fiercely protect it.  In this instance; ‘fierce’ is not an understatement.  I have come close to growling when someone impedes on family time and am [Read On]


Dinner At The Heritage Restaurant; Because A.P. Likes Delicacies

Tonight we had a very frank discussion with our children. “When we make dinner, and you complain, it makes us feel like throwing it out in the back yard, crying for a few moments, and then putting you in the back yard as well”. This is why we do not have a trophy case for [Read On]

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Easy Crack(er) Cookies

When I was in college I was the Best Cook Anyone Knew. I was the designated birthday cake-maker (from a box), the one who knew how to make spaghetti taste amazing (two shakes of garlic salt), and the one who knew how to make Chicken Pot Pie (frozen vegetables, cream of chicken soup, cooked chicken, [Read On]


Disney On Ice Is Coming To Van Andel Arena In Grand Rapids!

Do you have a Disney fan in the house? Or someone like Maybelle, who at the very geriatric age of eight, considers herself too old for princesses but “Still enjoys Disney On Ice”. You know; for nostalgia’s sake. I have a feeling she’s going to blow her own grown up cover when we get to the [Read On]

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Good Food Made Simple (Yes, It IS Possible!)

What happens when Mom goes out of town? I hate to rely on stereotypes – but in our house this one, at least, is true. EVERYONE EATS JUNK UNTIL MOM COMES HOME.  Eating well, or ‘eating clean’ as it’s now called isn’t extremely difficult provided you take the time to plan, shop, prepare, and learn [Read On]


New Year’s Resolutions, Coupon Savings, Healthy Essentials, And A Twitter Party!

Have you given up on your New Year’s Resolutions yet? I haven’t – but that’s because I didn’t actually make any.  If I had, rest assured I would likely be failing miserably by now.  Most people, normal people, tend to make resolutions about health.  Are you one of them? One of those normal people? Well [Read On]

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My Little Angel

This post is sponsored by The Breakfast Project. I did receive compensation for sharing my story, however, all opinions are my own.  My little girl stood in the kitchen waiting for me to pin up her hair and get her tights on.  This is a big day, not just for her, but for all of [Read On]

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First The Cow Eats The Grass, That’s How Milk Gets In Your Glass {Cookbook and Cuisinart Panini Maker Giveaway!}

The United Diary Industry of Michigan provided me with a farm tour and thank you gifts for sharing this information with you and will fulfill the winner’s prize.   All opinions are my own. I’ve taken my kids to Dairy Discovery at Swiss Lane farms many, many times.  It’s an amazing opportunity for them to [Read On]