Works For Me Wednesday – Back To School Lunches

Even though I love my kids’ school, I am always within inches of homeschooling.  I keep a running tally sheet of homeschool pros and cons.  The columns are usually about even, but I added a ‘con’ though on the same day I created my “Lunch Crazy” Pinterest board.  I hadn’t had such a manic feeling since I looked eagerly at the monthly preschool calendar to find out when A.P. was to bring the snack, then spent hours and hours creating the perfect treat.

I want to make awesome, entertaining, inspiring lunches.

Of course I could make elaborate lunches if I homeschooled; but all know that wouldn’t happen or it would have occurred more than once this summer as it did for the Angry Birds lunch.

A.P. is a second grade boy.  I have to be careful with what shows up in his lunchbox, so I found some I can modify and get away with.  I think.  We’ll see.

This is cute but baby-ish; I feel like I could work with it though.

Source: via Big on Pinterest

I LOVE this one!  That hard boiled egg face is hilarious.

Source: via Big on Pinterest


This one is awesome, except there is no way that blue rice stuff would float with A.P.  I’ll just have to take the mozzarella and carrots skull and crossbones idea and run with it.


This one is very cool, I love the personalized fruit leather.

Source: via Big on Pinterest


This is really clever, and I’m sure his teacher would be thrilled I sent skewers to school with him.

Source: via Big on Pinterest


I’m just really hanging in there until Maybelle is in first grade, and I can cut sandwiches in the shape of Hello Kitty.

Source: via Big on Pinterest


If you are one of the moms at my kids’ school; please be kind to them at lunch time.  It is totally not their fault their mom is a dork.  Do you have any great school lunch ideas for a second grade boy?

Making great lunches works for me!

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