Choose The Paint With Which To Paint Your House

If we go around any paint store or a general hardware store, we can be overwhelmed by a large number of paintings there. Each one has specific applications, and we have to choose according to the surface we want to paint (wood, metal, walls, plastics …) and the results and finishes we wish to obtain (brightness, texture, color …).

Among this extensive assortment, we will focus on the paintings we need at this time to paint the walls and ceilings of the house. At another time we will expand on explaining the qualities and the use of the rest. Another thing that we are going to deal with at another time much more extensively is going to be how to paint with colored paint, although the color is the same, the process and the result of the finish varies considerably.

Types Of Interior Paints

Plastic paint (water paint): It is the most common to paint interior and exterior walls. It is made with synthetic resins, and its solvent is water. This paint is odorless and quick dry, apart from being easily washed with water. The plastic color comes in different finishes and can be used in almost all types of walls, ceilings, and walls of houses. The plastic color can be found in two essential finishes: satin or matt.

  • Satin Plastic Paint: Satin paint is mainly defined by having a glossy and opaque finish, a feature that, when used, can give a unique touch to any wall. It dramatically improves the appearance of the walls with a very refined finish, generating a very pleasing aesthetic to the eye and the feel. It reflects light more than paint with a matte finish, which favors natural lighting.
  • Matt Plastic Paint: This paint is more comfortable to apply and better conceals irregularities in the walls. An excellent matte paint will resist the same as satin and will be equally washable, so it is the most recommended to paint in almost the entire house. We can paint kitchen or bathrooms with satin paint or special vinyl paint, which will better resist the vapors and humidity that are produced in them.


Choose The Paint With Which To Paint Your House

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