Cedar Point – What To Do When It Rains, And The Hotel Breakers’ Makeover!

Our kids switched schools this year when we moved, and although they did really well adjusting – it was tough. Having as much consistency as possible is key when going through transitions; and one constant in our lives is an annual visit to Cedar Point. We were thrilled to be able to take the kids, and stay in the Hotel Breakers just a few days after school was out.

We love staying at this hotel, because it is really convenient to the park and we get in an hour early.  Between that and free parking; we were already sold on the value of staying at the Hotel Breakers. My kids took the early entry opportunity to ride the new Rougarou, which is where the Mantis was.

My kids are pretty hardcore, so unless a ride makes them absolutely terrified they are not impressed.  They rode the Rougarou once.  They liked it, but they wanted to move on to the reigning favorite; the Top Speed Dragster, before the crowds rolled in because when the gates open to the public it’s like the running of the bulls.


The Hotel looks amazing after its new remodel.  It got some great updates to the decor in the lobby, and the rooms are really fresh looking and cheerful.  It has an old fashioned feel, but a modern convenience.  There is a refrigerator, a microwave, and a ton of shelving and space to keep your stuff from becoming the usual jumbled mess of clean and dirty clothes, souvenirs, and wet bathing suits we typically have to sift through when staying at a hotel. For the first time in my adult life, I did not take my laptop on vacation but they also have free wi-fi in the rooms too.


Since it was a beautiful, warm summer weekend and the hotel sits right on the beach of Lake Erie, I felt like we were staying at a fancy beach resort.  There are three beautiful pools if the lake is too cold; and both the beach and the pools have the same high caliber of lifeguard as Castaway Bay.  At night, the fire pits are a great addition and a fun spot to hang out with the family.

It rained a little bit the day we were in the park, which usually really bums us out. Maybe our recent move and a year of exploring our new stomping grounds inspired us to investigate parts of Cedar Point we typically breeze past on the way to the next coaster.  At the entry to Frontiertown, there is a re-creation of Fort Sandusky, and a log cabin settlement with little shops sporting old timey front porches with giant checker boards. There is a Trail Tavern with local craft beers and wines (including some from Firelands Winery which I absolutely love) and blacksmith and woodworking shop.


One of the shops was a rock shop.  Take heart, geology majors who are being questioned for your field of study. Those guys are really, really into rocks.  They know their stuff.  And they have jobs.

We did the mining activity (I think it was like $6) and the kids had a blast ‘mining’ for gems.  They had a question about every.single.rock…. and the rock shop guys went so far as the pull out binders with information about each of them and patiently answered all of their endless questions.  It was worth waaaaaay more than the small amount we paid, but we never would have stopped if it hadn’t been raining.


There is a Town Hall museum also in Frontiertown which displays the history of the resort. Our favorite new find was the glassblowing demonstration. (I KNOW – who knew??) There is an open air glassblowing theater, with seats all facing the furnaces and work area. The glassblowers are all professional artists who not only show – they tell.  We talked to them for a long time and they were patient and excellent at educating us on the glassblowing process.


We bought some glass blown flowers, but didn’t want to carry them around the park so the gift shop wrapped them and sent them to our hotel to pick up there.  We picked them up just as we were leaving to come home, and my kids treated these flowers like they were organs heading for transplant.  When we got home, one of the stems was broken – and guess what? They are sending us a new flower! This was a $10 investment but very special to my kids, and I am extremely impressed by the response.

In the end, the rain stopped and the rides started again.  But now we know there is more to Cedar Point than the coasters and a little rain can’t ruin our day there.  In fact, slowing down and seeing the other things this amazing park has to offer is actually kind of fun.

Disclosure: We were provided with a free hotel stay and free passes to Cedar Point in order to facilitate this review.


Here We Go WildKratts – With a $5.00 DISCOUNT on Tickets!

Big Binder

My kids are (gulp) 9 and 11 now.  Most of the sweet, early childhood shows are behind us now; replaced with crazy – and frankly, annoying – characters that drive me nuts.  One show hangs on, though. One show made it to late childhood. That show is Wild Kratts, and I am always impressed with how much my kids learn from just one episode. We also loved Zooboomafoo, where we first met the Kratts brothers but Wild Kratts is an amazing show we still watch every day on WGVU.

I’m very, VERY excited to share the news that Wild Kratts LIVE! will be at DeVos Performance Hall on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 7:00 PM. In this show, Martin and Chris, come to life in a live episode; “To the Creature Rescue!” where they activate their Creature Power Suits to confront a comic villain. There will be the usual humor and of course, amazing animal facts. We are very excited about this event!

Tickets are on sale now, prices are $25, $35, $45, and $100 for VIP (although… I did hear that the VIP tickets are sold out already!)

I have a DISCOUNT offer for you too! I’m really happy to share that with you all!

Here is how to redeem the offer:

Go to the DeVos Performance Hall ticket site.
•             Enter your discount code:  GLOBE
•             Click “Find Offers” to display the event
•             Select your ticket price and enter the number of tickets you want.
•             The purchase total will appear at the bottom as you enter ticket quantities.  $1 fee per ORDER will be added for processing.
•             Select “mail” or “will call” for ticket delivery type
•             Click “Proceed to Payment.”
•             Complete the required information to confirm your purchase and payment.
•             Please verify your information before you submit your order.
•             Once the order process is complete, you will receive a confirmation number.

See you there!

I received tickets to a WildKratts in exchange for sharing this information with you.  All opinions are my own.


Five Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Visit To Kalahari Waterpark

No more beaches, no more pools… it’s getting to be time to head indoors for swimming.  My kids LOVE water parks, and when we visited the Kalahari Waterpark in Sandusky a while ago, I thought for certain my kids would bump it up to the number one spot in their ranking.  Being water park professionals; surely the would fall for the African themed decor in the lobby, the nice rooms, the amazing spa, and the super cute gift shops?

None of these things bear any weight with them though.  Neither does the swim up bar; which is probably a good thing.

Kalahari is firmly planted in second place after Castaway Bay, also in Sandusky.  We’ve been to Great Wolf in Traverse City too which my kids rate as a distant third; coming after Kalahari but ahead of fourth placed Fort Dodge in Columbus.

By no means did they have a bad time.  In fact, they had a BLAST and my husband and I loved it too! It’s the biggest indoor water park we’ve been to, and also the most expensive.  Here are my tips for getting the most out of your trip.

  1. Bring your own food and splurge on the treats.  There is an ice cream place, amazing caramel apples about the size of basketballs, and a bakery.  These are all wildly expensive, of course, but delicious and feel like a fun indulgence.  There are microwaves and refrigerators in all of the rooms. You’re further ahead running through the grocery store and picking up a box of cereal, lunchmeat, and something microwave-able for dinner as the restaurants are all right and have great service, but not worth the price. If you want to relax with an adult beverage, either pack it with you or just buy it there.  You’ll spend thousands of dollars in gas just driving around trying to find one of those crazy state-owned liquor stores.  
  2. Declare a spot and stay there.  This is a HUGE water park and it’s impossible to ‘keep an eye’ on your kids.  Just pick a spot, park it, and ask your kids to check in with you every so often if they’re old enough or leave your stuff on a few chairs and go swimming with them if they are not.  There are lifeguards all over and you’ll get frustrated trying to chase your kids around.
  3. Either stay a couple of days, or skip the zoo and zipline and indoor golf.  The water park is big enough to keep kids busy and active for a one night stay.  If you think saying ‘no’ to the other things might present a problem; go in the winter when the zoo isn’t open.
  4. Remember flip flops and some ‘beach’ clothes.  This place is HUGE and you’ll do more walking than at other parks.  Unless you like walking around indoors barefoot and lettin’ it all hang out in your bathing suit – you’ll want to make sure you have something comfortable and water-appropriate to wear.  Otherwise you will be tempted to buy them in the gift shop – which is cute but overpriced.
  5. Check out takes FOREVER.  You can stay in the water park all day, so it’s better to check out early or the line gets super long and you will never, ever get one of those bell hop carts to haul your stuff out to the car which is in the parking lot way far away.  You’ll have to pull your car up to the hotel and find a spot; so get organized and get out of there the morning of check out, take a change of clothes into the water park with you (they have lockers) and enjoy the day!

Have you been to Kalahari? What would you add to these tips?

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Get A Discount AND In Front Of The Line At Rainforest Cafe

The first time I went to a Rainforest Cafe, I thought it was kinda cute but touristy and the food was pretty good but not amazing. I loved the gift shop. Fifteen years later, I returned with two kids.  I thought it was kinda cute but touristy and the food was pretty good but not amazing – and I still love the gift shop.


This is a theme restaurant.  It’s all about the experience of eating there; not fine dining.


It’s more entertainment than anything else, so allow me to describe what it’s like.  Rainforest Cafe is fairly crowded, and you’ll probably have to wait a while for a seat.  There are giant animatronic rainforest animals all over the place and even the most serene looking ones will randomly belt out a roar here and there.


There are very cool fish tanks and the decor can only be described as ‘Rainforesty’.


Every fifteen minutes or so, there is a rainstorm and all of the animals roar and yell and bellow. No rain actually falls, which is always a smidge of a disappointment to me.


They have a great loyalty program that gives you money off of your bill and gets you to the front of the line though!

I found it stumbling around while I was looking for coupons (and found none).  It has ended up working out very well for my family, so I wanted to share.  It’s called the Landry’s Select Club.

When you sign up, you pay $25 for the membership.  This isn’t an annual renewal thing; once you have it, you have it.  You immediately get a $25 credit so if you are going to visit soon make sure you give yourself enough time to get the card in the mail.  Then every year in your birthday month you get an additional $25 credit.  Naturally I combined this deal and went in November (my birthday month) of last year.

There are other restaurants on this list too; quite a few found in tourist areas (Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, T Rex Cafe, Yak & Yeti at Disney’s Animal Kingdom) and some surprises (such as Charley’s Crab which was mildly devastating to learn was  part of a chain).

The priority seating feature is AWESOME.  You just march up to the head ranger (or whatever they are called), flash your card, and you’re on your way to a table in a very short time.  It’s like a fast pass at an amusement park. Yes it costs more, but we all still have an elementary schooler in us somewhere that loves being at the head of the line.  And if your kids are not good at waiting in line (actually, if your kids ARE good at waiting in line call me, I want to lean from you…), this is an awesome way to get seated faster.

Also both at Rainforest Cafe and T Rex Cafe a manager came out to our table to make sure our food, service, and experience was good because we were card holders.  At Rainforest Cafe my mojito was not to my liking so I sent it back and the manager felt terrible and apologized about 30 times. I’m happy to report that the replacement mojito was delicious…

Rainforest Cafe

There is some kind of points system but I don’t even pay a lot of attention to that; I don’t eat there enough to rack up the points.  I just like cutting in line and getting a nice little birthday present in the form of $25 from them.

You’ll get a 10% discount in the gift shop, but make sure you ask because this does not apply to everything.  For example we did a Build A Bear (er, Dino) at the T Rex Cafe in Orlando and that did not qualify for the discount. We love our new dino and are happy with her even at full price but still – that was right in the gift shop so just make sure you ask first.

This is not a very well advertised program, so you should either share this with your friends and look awesome; or just take people there and impress them by flashing your card like a rock star to get to the front of the line!




Camping At The Hungry Horse

There are some things that completely and totally suck about working from home.  One is that work never ends and the expectation to be always available – even on the weekends and vacation – just comes with the territory.

There are some things that completely do not suck though.  One is that working from home is like being a stay at home mom; if you’re always at home you’re doing it wrong.

A few weeks ago I spent 5 days with my kids at the Hungry Horse Campground in Dorr, Michigan.   Other than a couple of WiFi blips I was able to knock out what amounted to be a very productive week despite being in a little pop up trailer.

Awesome to some, horrifying to others

This is the kind of camping my husband and I used to approach with significant disdain.  A swimming pool; pfft! THAT’S NOT CAMPING.  You can call it camping. Or you can call it glamping.  Or you can call it glorified trailer park living. I really don’t care; it was fun.  And for the record; I DO consider it camping.

Bounce pads are totally part of experiencing the Great Outdoors.

Bounce pads are totally part of experiencing the Great Outdoors.

We still had swimming lessons and orthodontist appointments and prescriptions to pick up so we were not totally detached from our life.  We also had daily visits from my husband (who has to be to work very early) and our dog (who is a puppy and not ready to camp).

I declare the firewood at the Hungry Horse the most delicious in all the land.

I declare the firewood at the Hungry Horse the most delicious in all the land.

We had sandwiches from the grocery store, hot dogs (over the actual campfire), a brisket in the crock pot, pasta bake thing in the crock pot, and fried chicken from the grocery store. This is the ‘working mom’ version of a camping menu.  I barely have time to make dinner at home; let alone start a fire mid afternoon so the coals are nice and hot by dinnertime.

It rained the first day.  One of the main reasons we got a pop up is because we live in Michigan, where it rains and snows more often than not.  A couple of really soggy camping trips later we resigned ourselves to needing more protection from the elements.

NO PROBLEM. We tucked the beds away and presto – by the power of RV magic we suddenly had a table and played cards until the weather cleared up.  We rented some go cart things and wheeled around for a while.

In case there is any doubt - these vehicles have the right of way.

In case there is any doubt – these vehicles have the right of way.

Call it what you will.  We had an awesome time, the kids were week day camping kids (which is a whole different world than the weekend crowd) and became part of the social ecosystem of The Hungry Horse, complete with some break ups and shifting alliances of the social tribe.  By the end of the week I was ready to go home, but it was a fun and different way to make good use of summer!


Five Good Lessons Kids Learn At The Farmer’s Market {Downtown Market}

Downtown Market Grand Rapids
We spent an entire morning at the Downtown Market; acquiring rhubarb for our Cinnamon Rhubarb Muffins and a whole bunch of other delicious and tasty looking things we couldn’t live without.

The vendors are friendly and eager to please.  Especially the Field and Fire bakery guy; he allows me to eat sample after sample and despite the growing line behind me, smiles and chats like I am the only person in the world.

The food is everything it should be.  Local and fresh and organic and grass fed and hand made.  There was a tiny twinge of guilt, though, when I first took my kids.

I have been working full time for a year now, and unlike the first 7 and 9 years of their lives, we can afford to buy $8 goat cheese and a $25 pork roast; grab some smoked whitefish for a snack later and saunter off with some organic strawberries to much on.

Downtown Market

Then we stopped by the Grocer’s Daughter; all guilty twinging ceased, and I knew bringing my kids here was a good thing. The art of truffle making was discussed at great length; exactly the kind of knowledge I want to impart on my children.

The Grocer's Daghter

I realized it really is the ultimate Big Binder experience.  My kids met the people who made and grew their food, and know that they live in the same community. They learned five lessons that day, all of which are important.

We knew we were making the muffins when we got home, so the kids were excited to go purchase the ingredients and were more invested in the trip. They learned that every little thing can be an adventure, and that cooking at home is really fun.

They learned that fresh produce tastes better in season.  Growing up, if I had tried one of those honkin‘, tasteless, out of season apples from the grocery store I would have spit it right back out.

Apples used to be small and have flavor.  Now they only taste good if you dunk them in caramel. Kids notice these things. Increasing a kid’s food range and palette takes time and effort.  Starting with seasonal produce that hasn’t been crated halfway around the world significantly increases your chances because it packs more nutrition and flavor.

The Downtown Market

Produce in season is  less expensive.  It’s also better for the environment since not as many fossil fuels were used to bring your food to you.

Part of the market is outside and part is inside.  It’s open and fun and exciting and different.  It’s tasty and interesting and full of lessons worth learning.

Downtown Market


Beach Bums *Our Day Trip To Grand Haven*

This post is sponsored by Kia.

One of the things I love about Grand Rapids is not just what there is to do here, but the close proximity to other some great places.

I have to remind myself of this every February, when the sky is grey and dark and daunting; constantly threatening to dump several feet of snow on us at any minute.  Being able to go to the beach is one of the best things about living in Grand Rapids. I feel sorry for people for whom going to the beach is a once a year event.  We are blessed to be able to head out to the sixth largest freshwater lake in the world any time we want.


Lake Michigan stuns people when they first see it.  It looks like an ocean and goes on forever.


The beach towns along Lake Michigan each have their own personality.  Saugatuck is sophisticated and artsy; the beach is a mile hike away from the parking lot and packing a nice picnic would be the perfect thing to do.  Holland is family oriented, friendly, and full of little kids.

Grand Haven is the Venice Beach of Michigan.  You have to be in the right mood for Grand Haven; it’s more crowded and mainstream than some of the other beaches.  But when you’re in the mood to go; you gotta go.  My husband loves the ‘surfer dude’ feel to the town so when we had a hankerin’ to visit Lake Michigan this weekend; that’s where we went.

Parking in Grand Haven is a pain, so we park in town and walk the boardwalk to the beach.  It goes right along the channel and is a nice mile long walk. For this reason we pack light, which works fine because the crowds won’t allow for a ton of room to sprawl out once we’re on the beach.


Naturally, we stopped by Pronto Pups.  It’s a tiny little stand that sells hot dogs deep fried corn batter.  I don’t really get it, but thousands of people (including everyone else in my family) every year do so I just go with it.


We took a break break from splashing in the waves and burying the kids in the sand to walk out to the end of the pier.  People were fishing, hanging out, and a few brave souls were diving into the water.


The walk back to the car seems much longer than the the walk to the beach.  A stop for some ice cream and hopping into our air conditioned Kia refreshed us though.


45 minutes later we were back home in Grand Rapids, already talking about which Lake Michigan beach town we would visit next.


 How To Pack A Perfect Picnic How To Pack A Perfect Picnic How To Pack A Perfect Picnic


Weekly Roundup of Free and Low Cost Events for Kids in Grand Rapids

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but did you know that it is almost JULY? No wonder it’s so stinkin’ hot out.  We have been keeping cool with free bowling, and more free bowling; and having another very low key, Un-American summerWe went camping last weekend, have been on a few picnics, are doing some summer brain games {go enter the contest for a family pass to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago!}, and making some progress on our Summer Reading Programs.

Friday, June 28 5:00 PM:  The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center is celebrating the Grand Rapids Griffins’ Calder Cup win with a visit from the cup this Friday night from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. during the first Hot Kroc Movie Night of the summer season.  It’s free, begins at 5 p.m. and will feature an ice cream giveaway for the first 300 attendees.  You’ll have photo opportunities with the Calder Cup from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m., a giant outdoor slip & slide, a free throw contest, Ga Ga ball, and baggo games. The event will conclude with “Madagascar 3” shown in the Kroc Center’s air-conditioned worship & performing arts center at 7pm.

Mark your calendars, because  the Kroc Center will host a total of four free Hot Kroc Movie this summer to bring the community together to enjoy free outdoor activities and family-friendly movies. Additional Hot Kroc Movie Night dates are Friday, July 19, featuring “Wreck-It-Ralph,”, Tuesday August 6 featuring “The Great and Powerful Oz” at dusk in our outdoor amphitheater, and Friday, August 23, featuring “Toy Story”.


Friday, June 28 First annual kids bike race at the Zeeland Criterium, here is the info about it.

Saturday, June 29 The annual kids bike race at the Herman Miller Brickyard Criterium; here is the registration form!

Saturday, June 29Rock the Block” Block Party and bicycle safety education event.  The Salvation Army will “Rock the Block” when they partner with Ada Bike Shop and Girl Scout Troop 3381 to give away 450 free bicycle helmets as well as celebrate the Fulton Heights Corps Community Center’s annual block party. The “Rock the Block” event, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. at the Fulton Heights Corps Community Center will feature a free helmet give away, a prize drawing of four kids’ bicycles, a bicycle safety course and a free bicycle safety inspection. Free food and refreshments along with a bounce house, music, games and crafts.

Sunday, June 30 It’s Log Cabin day! There are a couple in our area, too! The cabins will be open and ready to be toured more info is on the website.  Go get your Little House on.

Homestead Timbers cedar log home of James Bursma built in 2004 in 83 acres of woods, ” People’s Choice” prize winner, west of grand Rapids in Tallmadge Township.Take I96 Exit 23, Marne, go south on 16th through Marne past Camp and Cruise, over creek, top of hill turn west on Fritz to end of road: 1875 Fritz. Call first (616) 677-5262.

Blandford Nature Center has a restored log cabin built in l866 open for tours. Located at 1715 Hillburn NW. Take Leonard St. exit off 131 freeway, go west 3 1/2 miles to Hillburn, turn right. Hours 1 to 5 p.m. (616) 453-6192.

Log cabin owned by Jim and Marie Wisnewski, originally built in 1952 of cinderblock. Completely reconstructed in 2002, keeping only parts of two exterior walls, using pine trees planted forty to fifty years ago by the owner. Saddle-notch construction, stone fireplace, antique stained-glass windows, radiant floor heating, and handicap access. North of Grand Rapids on US-131 exit 95; go east on Post Dr. 1.25 miles to Belmont Rd., north to 6725 Belmont Rd. (616) 364-8274. Call first. Visible from highway.

July 1, 1:00 to 3:30 Cereal Box Bookmarks. Kent County is hosting a free craft or movie activity for families every Monday this summer at its Recycling and Education Center. Each Monday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. families can enjoy turning recyclable materials into fun new items or viewing a movie with an environmental theme. Families can also walk out on the observation deck and see how recyclable materials are sorted and processed. These are family events and younger children may need a parent’s help with crafts.

Mark your calendars, the remaining activities are: 

July 8              Greeting Card Boxes
July 15            T-shirt Capes and Bags
July 22            Environmental-themed Kids Movie
July 29            CD Coasters
August 5         Egg Carton Bird Mask
August 12       Water Bottle Octopus
August 19       Environmental-themed Kids Movie

Big thanks to Elaine for sharing these! Check out our visit to the Recycling center and get a glimpse of what you’ll get. How A Milk Jug Becomes A Park Bench.

Tuesday, July 2, 10:00 AM Down to Earth Family Gardening Program How does your garden grow? Join KDL for crafts and activities full of gardening goodness. For all ages. – Kentwood (Richard L. Root) branch of the Kent District library.




Free And Fun Things To Do With Kids In Grand Rapids This Week

Family Night At The Kroc Center, Friday, February 22 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.  FREE family fun and games at the Kroc Center. Family nights give parents and guardians  an opportunity to spend some fun, quality time with the kids. This Family Night will feature themed games and activities (TBA) as well as a family-friendly movie (please call 616.588.7200 for movie title). All ages, FREE for everyone! No need to register.  Activities start at 6 pm.  Movie starts at  7 pm.

Dash Down Division (miniDash kids’ fun run), Saturday, February 23, 10:15 AM at the Kroc Center.  Kids can join in the fun in the miniDASH kids’ fun run, a FREE short-distance dash for children after the Dash Down Division. The event is free but registration is required. miniDASH t-shirts are available for $5. Online registration is open until noon on Friday, February 22. You can also dowload a registration form here or pick one up at the Kroc Center until the start of the race. Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Monster Jam®, featuring Grave Digger® project, Saturday, February 23 – all Lowes locations (pre-registration is required). FREE. I will have a ticket giveaway AND discount code coming up, so if you have kids who want to attend the Monster Jam event at DeVos next month stay tuned!

Coopersville Annual Outhouse 500 Saturday, February 23 – downtown Coopersville. The outrageous winter festival melts the mid-winter blues away. Teams decorate outhouses, have them in a parade, then race them down Main Street. ere are other events like a bake sale, vintage snowmobile display, and chili cookoff.

Dinosaur Romp. Tuesday, February 26, 6:30 PM – Comstock Park branch of the Kent District Library.  Have loads of dino-mite fun during this prehistoric program for kids of all ages. FREE.

Have Even More Fun!

Enter my giveaway and get a discount code for passes to Cedar Point’s Indoor Water Park, Castaway Bay.

Use the discount code MOM for Disney On Ice tickets, coming to Van Andel Arena next week!

There aren’t a lot of Sunday Griffins games left this season; so if you have a Put A Lid On It,or Summer Reading Program  voucher; or are using your library card for ticket deals do it this weekend!

Make sure you go Ice Skating at Rosa Parks Circle at least once this year!

See my list of 25 things to do with kids in Grand Rapids while they’re still young.

Check out suggestions for things to do each month in A Year With Big Binder.

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What’s Happening, Grand Rapids?

Black History is happening! It’s a great weekend for learning at the Grand Rapids Public Library.

Coretta Scott King by Storyteller Miz Rosie offers several free shows this weekend.  She includes audience participation in her performances, which are designed to entertain all ages.


Saturday, February 16
11:00 am    Yankee Clipper Branch – 2025 Leonard NE
1:30 pm    Seymour Branch – 2350 Eastern SE
3:30 pm    Madison Square Branch – 1201 Madison SE

Sunday, February 17
2:30 pm    Main Library – 111 Library St NE

Also on Sunday, February 17 from 1:00 to 4:00 don’t miss Taste of Soul at the Main Branch of the Grand Rapids Public Library (111 Library St NE downtown).

Taste of Soul Sunday, Celebrate African American History & Culture, February 17, 2013, 1:00 – 4:30 pm

The event is free and open to the public.  It’s a celebration of African American history and culture where you can sample African American art, music (including a songwriting workshop for kids!), literature, crafts, history and food.  One of the restaurants offering samples will be Chez Olga which is DELICIOUS; read about our visit there a couple of years ago.

While you’re there, check out some books to learn more about Black History.  Here are our favorites!

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