Cedar Point – What To Do When It Rains, And The Hotel Breakers’ Makeover!

Our kids switched schools this year when we moved, and although they did really well adjusting – it was tough. Having as much consistency as possible is key when going through transitions; and one constant in our lives is an annual visit to Cedar Point. We were thrilled to be able to take the kids, and stay in the Hotel Breakers just a few days after school was out.

We love staying at this hotel, because it is really convenient to the park and we get in an hour early.  Between that and free parking; we were already sold on the value of staying at the Hotel Breakers. My kids took the early entry opportunity to ride the new Rougarou, which is where the Mantis was.

My kids are pretty hardcore, so unless a ride makes them absolutely terrified they are not impressed.  They rode the Rougarou once.  They liked it, but they wanted to move on to the reigning favorite; the Top Speed Dragster, before the crowds rolled in because when the gates open to the public it’s like the running of the bulls.


The Hotel looks amazing after its new remodel.  It got some great updates to the decor in the lobby, and the rooms are really fresh looking and cheerful.  It has an old fashioned feel, but a modern convenience.  There is a refrigerator, a microwave, and a ton of shelving and space to keep your stuff from becoming the usual jumbled mess of clean and dirty clothes, souvenirs, and wet bathing suits we typically have to sift through when staying at a hotel. For the first time in my adult life, I did not take my laptop on vacation but they also have free wi-fi in the rooms too.


Since it was a beautiful, warm summer weekend and the hotel sits right on the beach of Lake Erie, I felt like we were staying at a fancy beach resort.  There are three beautiful pools if the lake is too cold; and both the beach and the pools have the same high caliber of lifeguard as Castaway Bay.  At night, the fire pits are a great addition and a fun spot to hang out with the family.

It rained a little bit the day we were in the park, which usually really bums us out. Maybe our recent move and a year of exploring our new stomping grounds inspired us to investigate parts of Cedar Point we typically breeze past on the way to the next coaster.  At the entry to Frontiertown, there is a re-creation of Fort Sandusky, and a log cabin settlement with little shops sporting old timey front porches with giant checker boards. There is a Trail Tavern with local craft beers and wines (including some from Firelands Winery which I absolutely love) and blacksmith and woodworking shop.


One of the shops was a rock shop.  Take heart, geology majors who are being questioned for your field of study. Those guys are really, really into rocks.  They know their stuff.  And they have jobs.

We did the mining activity (I think it was like $6) and the kids had a blast ‘mining’ for gems.  They had a question about every.single.rock…. and the rock shop guys went so far as the pull out binders with information about each of them and patiently answered all of their endless questions.  It was worth waaaaaay more than the small amount we paid, but we never would have stopped if it hadn’t been raining.


There is a Town Hall museum also in Frontiertown which displays the history of the resort. Our favorite new find was the glassblowing demonstration. (I KNOW – who knew??) There is an open air glassblowing theater, with seats all facing the furnaces and work area. The glassblowers are all professional artists who not only show – they tell.  We talked to them for a long time and they were patient and excellent at educating us on the glassblowing process.


We bought some glass blown flowers, but didn’t want to carry them around the park so the gift shop wrapped them and sent them to our hotel to pick up there.  We picked them up just as we were leaving to come home, and my kids treated these flowers like they were organs heading for transplant.  When we got home, one of the stems was broken – and guess what? They are sending us a new flower! This was a $10 investment but very special to my kids, and I am extremely impressed by the response.

In the end, the rain stopped and the rides started again.  But now we know there is more to Cedar Point than the coasters and a little rain can’t ruin our day there.  In fact, slowing down and seeing the other things this amazing park has to offer is actually kind of fun.

Disclosure: We were provided with a free hotel stay and free passes to Cedar Point in order to facilitate this review.

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