My $18 Dollar Store Baseball Dinner

Baseball is a new thing to me. I discovered it just a few years ago when A.P. started playing Little League and noticed that it was actually a pretty interesting game.  I started going to more Whitecaps games, and watching the Tigers play on TV.  By the time the World Series came around last year I was so into it my husband had to remind me to breathe.

It was a long, cold, lonely winter (aren’t they all?!) but baseball season finally, blissfully returned.

Little League season goes fast though. One minute you’re signing up to work at the concession stand and volunteering to be the team mom, and the next minute you’re wondering what you’re going to do until Opening Day next year.

I decided to mourn the loss by eating, because I am a good American.

This was an easy and very inexpensive dinner. I threw it together on a work night and got everything I needed at the Dollar Store.  I wouldn’t generally advocate eating hot dogs purchased at the Dollar Store; but I’ve seen the hot dogs they sell at the concession stand and am completely confident you are getting a better product.


My shopping list was:

  • hot dogs
  • buns
  • mustard
  • ketchup
  • Baby Ruth Bars (fun fact: these aren’t named after Babe Ruth, but the daughter of the guy who invented the candy bar. But still, it works)
  • square white plates
  • white crepe paper
  • round vase/candle holder
  • peanuts
  • toy baseball
  • green table cloth
  • tin foil
  • pretzels
  • whatever the Dollar Store brand is of Rice Crispies
  • licorice
  • marshmallows
  • white balloons
  • red balloons
  • apples (wait, I didn’t buy those at the Dollar Store, sorry)

I made the hot dogs in the microwave, then wrapped them in tin foil just to give them that squishy, steamed effect.


Decorations were simple.  A green table cloth with white plates as ‘bases’, then white crepe paper to connect them and make it look like a baseball diamond.

The food was simple too. I used a cup to cut out the rice crispie treats into a circle and pressed the licorice into it.


The apples were not awesome, but fortunately my family is pretty forgiving and understanding of my lack of craftiness. Plus, it made me feel better to serve one thing that wasn’t nutritionally questionable.


The balloons were originally supposed to be a giant baseball, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it (see note above about the apples) and I just gave up and tied them together with string.


Given more time and a bigger budget, I could have gotten really carried away but fortunately, both were in limited supply. Enjoy this simple baseball meal!



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