Five Good Lessons Kids Learn At The Farmer’s Market {Downtown Market}

Downtown Market Grand Rapids
We spent an entire morning at the Downtown Market; acquiring rhubarb for our Cinnamon Rhubarb Muffins and a whole bunch of other delicious and tasty looking things we couldn’t live without.

The vendors are friendly and eager to please.  Especially the Field and Fire bakery guy; he allows me to eat sample after sample and despite the growing line behind me, smiles and chats like I am the only person in the world.

The food is everything it should be.  Local and fresh and organic and grass fed and hand made.  There was a tiny twinge of guilt, though, when I first took my kids.

I have been working full time for a year now, and unlike the first 7 and 9 years of their lives, we can afford to buy $8 goat cheese and a $25 pork roast; grab some smoked whitefish for a snack later and saunter off with some organic strawberries to much on.

Downtown Market

Then we stopped by the Grocer’s Daughter; all guilty twinging ceased, and I knew bringing my kids here was a good thing. The art of truffle making was discussed at great length; exactly the kind of knowledge I want to impart on my children.

The Grocer's Daghter

I realized it really is the ultimate Big Binder experience.  My kids met the people who made and grew their food, and know that they live in the same community. They learned five lessons that day, all of which are important.

We knew we were making the muffins when we got home, so the kids were excited to go purchase the ingredients and were more invested in the trip. They learned that every little thing can be an adventure, and that cooking at home is really fun.

They learned that fresh produce tastes better in season.  Growing up, if I had tried one of those honkin‘, tasteless, out of season apples from the grocery store I would have spit it right back out.

Apples used to be small and have flavor.  Now they only taste good if you dunk them in caramel. Kids notice these things. Increasing a kid’s food range and palette takes time and effort.  Starting with seasonal produce that hasn’t been crated halfway around the world significantly increases your chances because it packs more nutrition and flavor.

The Downtown Market

Produce in season is  less expensive.  It’s also better for the environment since not as many fossil fuels were used to bring your food to you.

Part of the market is outside and part is inside.  It’s open and fun and exciting and different.  It’s tasty and interesting and full of lessons worth learning.

Downtown Market

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