It’s Not Just A Moon; It’s A SUPERMOON! * Fun Activity For Learning About Lunar Phases *

Next Sunday, June 23rd, will be biggest full moon of 2013.  It is called a ‘supermoon’ because it will be closest to the Earth.   It will be full and bright and beautiful! Since the moon controls the tides; really high and low tides will be created for the next couple of days following this full moon.  Emergency responders and emergency room staff will tell you full moons are always busy nights; with a supermoon it’s going to be super extra crazy out there!

A full moon is always a great time to start learning about the phases of the moon.  My family tracked the moon for a month, and learned how it changes (or appears to change).  It start with buying a package of Oreos; which immediately stirred up my husband’s interest in the kids learning about the phases of the moon.o

June 23 biggest full moon

First, we printed a month calendar for each of us.  Looking at this website (you can choose which ever month you are doing the experiment in); we labeled which phase the moon would be in on each day for the month.  I gave everyone 8 Oreos each, and then we went to town carving up the Oreos and placed them on each of the first days of each phase.

June 23 biggest full moon

When we were done, I announced ridiculous but appropriate things like, “You may now eat your waning gibbous moons!

June 23 biggest full moon

The experiment worked beautifully; and my kids are both very fluent in moon-phase-ease.  Try it with yours, and don’t forget to take a look up in the sky on Sunday!

June 23 biggest full moon

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    You’d be a great homeschooling mom, I wish this stuff came to me naturally like it obviously does to you!!



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