My Family’s Amazing Day At Michigan’s Adventure

My family and I received admission passes and meal vouchers.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

This weekend we kicked off summer in the best way possible; all together, in beautiful weather, at Michigan’s Adventure!


We had never visited before, although we left wondering why not. I love so many things about it; including the ‘local’ feeling of some of the rides.



I wish now that we’d taken a trip (or several) when our kids were smaller, because there are quite a few rides geared towards younger kids.


I also loved that there are two parks; the coaster park and the water park.  BOTH are fantastic, and although we were there from 11:00 AM when it opened and left at 6:00 PM when it closed; our kids were no where near ready to go home.  It is just under an hour from Grand Rapids, and allows for all of the local frugality of West Michigan.  Two parks, one price, and you can exit the park (just make sure to get a stamp on your hand first) and eat in the parking lot. We even saw folks enjoying a pizza at a car near us, but we weren’t sure if it was delivery or carry out.

We started with the roller coasters, since the amusement park opens an hour earlier than the water park and stays open an hour later.  Thunderhawk was a great time, if you like the feet dangling, flipping upside down feeling; which everyone else in my family does.


Grand Rapids and Adventure Falls are not rides in the water park, but you will get a good splash on both so it’s good to go either right before or right after you are doing the water park rides.   DSC_5720



We spent about four hours just in the water park, enjoying the huge wave pool and the longest lazy river I have ever seen.  There are TONS of lifeguards, which are constantly tweeting their whistles and making sure everyone is above water and behaving themselves.


There are giant water slides and lots of tubing rides, with plenty of tubes available.


A.P. spent a lot of time on the Snake Pit.


Any Maybelle played on the classic water park structure for a good long time.


The kids spent their final hour there zooming around on Shivering Timbers; a HUGE, old school wooden coaster they rode over, and over, and over until the park closed.  We also checked out their all you can eat Family Grill, which is like a giant picnic with hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, beans, cole slaw, drinks, and ice cream.


Other additional expenses are parking ($10.00 for cars) , souvenirs, pictures of yourself on the rides, the Rip Cord ($30.00) (thank God, because I would have passed out just watching my family fly by on that thing), lockers ($12.00, with a voucher when you return the key) and the family dryer ($5.00) for the water rides.



It is a really reasonably priced, close to home, and fun family day!


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  1. You got some great shots! I brought the wrong lens with me so I couldn’t get all the shots I wanted to. We had so much fun and we’re going to make an annual thing of going 😀 It was so nice getting to see you again, even if it was just for a short minute.


  2. It looks like a great time! My kids would have loved it also! We have a park that is similar close to home and I hope to take the kids before the end of summer.


  3. Wow…they look like they’re having a great time! I love amusement parks!


  4. I LOVE coaster!!!! That family dryer is hilarious!!


  5. So fun! I’ll be stopping by next time I’m in state visiting family!


  6. I’ve lived in Michigan all my life and I’ve never been! Looks like a great time!


  7. Your little girl is beautiful! That looks like a lot of fun!! I might be able to go there myself. We are in southern Ontario. It’s not too far from you! I hate those old rickety roller coasters. They scare the pants off me.


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