Memorial Day Means It’s Camping Season!

This is a compensated post on behalf of Go RVing.  It is my pleasure to write about this subject and all opinions are my own.

It does for us, anyway.  It didn’t at one time though.  Despite the fact that both my husband and I grew up camping {and loving it}, once we had kids the manic Michigan weather brought too many camping trips to a halt because it was too hot, too cold, or too rainy for a tent.  It only took one time of seeing my then five year old daughter sleeping in a puddle inside of a tent for me to call off our next camping trip.

We were frustrated and disappointed.  Camping is something thing we really wanted to share with our kids and they are both naturally outdoorsy, so we kept looking for solutions.  A more expensive tent? No; the one that flooded was very expensive.  Move to Arizona? This was my husband’s suggestion since he grew up there.  I vetoed that on the grounds that cactus and I have an agreement to stay out of each other’s states.  It’s a story for another day; involving pain and suffering on behalf of both me and the cactus.

So what was left?  Being what we thought were tent-camping purists, we put off the conversation.  You know; the one that starts with a casual mention of looking into what kind of vehicle we could tow behind our mini-van.  We looked into hitches first to see if it was even feasible.  It was, so we took it step further.  We started looking at a folding camping trailer.

Slowly at first; but the idea grew on me quickly when I realized that we could camp from May to October regardless of the weather. That my daughter would not sleep in a puddle; in fact we would have plenty of room to sleep comfortably with just a sheet or extra blankets if we wanted, using our pillows from home and be able to play a board game or cards if the weather was bad outside.

We would still be camping, and we would still be together as a family. And to us, that was the important part.

Last summer we went camping several times, and I loved having all of our camping gear – dishes, the food tent, camping chairs; and all of that stuff you have to haul out every time you want to go for a weekend camping trip.  It just all stays in the camping trailer, ready for next time.  Camping is a new adventure each time, but we still stick with some traditions, such as s’mores.


My favorite trip of the summer was with our niece and nephew.  The girls designed an ‘apartment’ for themselves and enjoyed pulling the curtain shut for privacy so they could discuss headbands and in a lovely display of cousin-ly love; wrote an outstanding and hilarious story portraying everyone in our family as unflattering animal characters.


I still get tears in my eyes and my throat tightens when I think about my teenaged nephew whom I was certain would be bored the entire trip as he entertained us all with an app he found on his phone that provided riddles.  It sounds so simple, and it was simple, but that’s the magic. We guessed at the answers to them all night, around a campfire, with some of the people I love most in the world.


We always seem to make camping ‘neighbors’ and the kids roam around the campground in a big pack like the own the place.  Camping is an amazing way to get away while staying together; and doing it in an RV is the best way to go.

You’ll see me camping a LOT this summer, and you can follow my adventures and other folks on Twitter using the hashtag #GORVING; on Instagram, or on Facebook.


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  1. We just bought a RV this spring and will be headed out for Memorial Day weekend. Hubby and the older boys are used to tent camping, but my ‘old’ bones aren’t so keen on it. Of course, Alaska poses the extra challenge of having BIG wildlife that make me nervous about being in a tent….


  2. RVing is probably the only way I will ever go camping again! I need my AC and potty near by!


  3. You make camping look like a lot of fun!
    I think I may still do my camping in a hotel though.


  4. Going camping was always my favorite part of the summer months. I can’t wait for the kids to get a little older so we can go. And much like you I need a camper or RV. I have no desire to sleep in a tent. LOL Thanks for sharing and giving me food for thought. Gonna have to start looking into campers before long.


  5. I absolutely love camping; we’re booked for sites in July and August and cannot wait for exactly the reasons I see above. The images show how much fun everyone is having as a family.


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