“Math Is Delicious!” {Learning About Pi Day :: 3/14}

This is A.P. and Maybelle last weekend at SugarBush.  Inside the school building at the nature center is a chalkboard, and A.P. left his mark.


The mark of Pi.   I don’t know what is is with Pi; he has been fascinated with it for over a year.  He writes it everywhere; like super nerdy graffiti.  He knows about 10 digits out past the decimal point, but I wasn’t sure if he knew exactly what Pi was other than a ‘magic number’ used to figure out something about circles.

Since tomorrow is Pi Day (March 14th; or 3/14), I ordered a the book Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi from Amazon because I couldn’t find it at the library; and now I’m VERY glad I did.

The book was only about $7 and I’m sure I would have ended up buying it several times over in late fees.  The story is one of several “Math Adventures”; this one about Radius, his dad Sir Cumference, and his mom Lady Di Ameter.  There are also appearances from the Metry brothers; Sym and Geo.

Sir Cumference ends up accidentally being turned into a dragon, and the knights are going to slay him so Radius has to figure out the right amount of medicine to give him to change him back.  By measuring several circles of different sizes, he realizes that the distance around (circumference) is always equal to the distance across (diameter) times 3 1/7.     At the end of the book, it explains that Pi is also expressed as 3.14159 and often rounded to 3.14.

We tested out the theory by making Turkey Pot Pie and  Apple Pie. I bought very simple ingredients; two cans of apple pie filling, two boxes (so four total) of pie crusts, two cans of cream of chicken soup, one pound of ground turkey (which I browned), and a bag of frozen peas and carrots.


Maybelle tackled the Turkey Pot Pie and A.P. took care of the Apple Pie.  They put one of the crusts in the pans whole, then dumped the ingredients on top of it.

They measured the circumference and the diameter of the pans.


Then they cut three strips of dough the same length as the diameter.


Both times, just a little space was left over which was a nice way to show how little 1/7 is; but also that it is important to make the whole circle. Then I let them go to town with the rest of the dough; and A.P. even cut “radius strips”.


Maybelle declared that math was delicious, and I was thrilled that my kids not only learned something; but made dinner too!


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  1. You amaze me! You are the best mom EVER.


    Big Binder Reply:

    Thank you!! But I tend to share the stuff I’m good at… believe me there are plenty of things not to be impressed with :)


  2. For the love woman. When are you just going to homeschool already!!


    Big Binder Reply:



  3. What a great idea to incorporate the making of pies with the math lesson about pi:)


    Big Binder Reply:

    Thank you!! It’s one of those things I think of and then have to wait, wait, wait… so fun when the time finally comes :)


  4. This is good. You are a clever, clever woman, and I am going to borrow some of these ideas as I pretend to homeschool as well.


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