Sugarbush At Blandford Nature Center :: Oh How Sweet It is! {Resources for Learning About Maple Syrup}

A sure sign of spring is Sugarbush at Blandford Nature Center.  It’s a fun place all year, with their SmartPhone app, trails covering 143 acres, and nature backpack rental; but the festivals at Blandford are an especially good time.

This weekend, Saturday March 9 the date for the festival this year. It’s a celebration of tapping the maple trees that bring us syrup and a first hand look at how that syrup is made.  The educational component is phenomenal; and a little brushing up beforehand ensures that your kids (and you!) get the most out of it.

  • There is also a song about syrup on Postcards from Buster {from the Aurthur show}.
  • Reading Rainbow had a great episode on trees which includes syrup production; you can watch it here for free!  Just listening to the theme song of that show makes me happy.  The entire episode is good, but the syrup stuff starts at about 17 minutes.
  • We read books about syrup festivals and harvest to refresh our memories.

They are reading these books, which we got from the library:

The Blandford event kicks off with a pancake breakfast at the school building from 9 to 12, then demonstrations on the trail from 10-5.  Plan to spend a few hours; you get to see everything from how trees are tapped to how it is boiled down to make syrup.

Admission is $5 for Blandford members and $6 for non-members; but the cost of pancakes is additional.  The pancake line takes a while and we eat real syrup (step aside, Aunt Jemima) at home so it isn’t as much of a novelty for us but the opportunity to see ‘sugaring’ first hand is not something everyone gets to do; syrup is only produced in a few states and Michigan is one of them.  Take advantage of this!

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