Using Natural Food Dyes For St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

We avoid food dyes as much as possible.  We’ve been at it for a while, and it’s pretty easy except when it comes to holidays.  Fortunately; Easter, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day are all kind enough to involve green, so it’s worth the investment in Chlorophyll.

Yes, I said Chlorophyll! As in, the stuff in plants.  It is sold as a supplement, apparently for the Chlorophyll-deficient among us. I found it at our health food store, and wanted to share some lessons learned.

It is potent. Not only did it dye my frosting green; it dyed my hands green, my dishrag green, and anything else it touched. It was stunning to me how green it was.

I used only a little to dye some frosting as a test-drive, and went from this:

to this in just a few drops:

It is expensive. Relative to the little drops of regular food dye, anyway. It was $8.79 for 8 ounces.  Also, since it is not a synthetic substance, once opened it needs to be refrigerated.

It is runny.  I don’t know if that is exactly the right word, it’s more that a few drops makes whatever you are adding it to runny.  If you are adding it to store bought frosting, you may need to mix in a little powdered sugar to stiffen it back up.

It’s minty.  Nothing I have ever made with Chlorophyll has conflicted with a minty flavor, but if you are making something that doesn’t go with mint just know there will be a hint of it.  Not overpowering, just present.

There are Shamrock Shake and Leprechaun cupcakes all over Pinterest right now.  They are super cute, but all call for ‘a few drops of green food dye’.  Just say no, and use this instead!

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  1. Love it! I used my chlorophyll in a beer-dyeing experiment and it went well with certain lighter colored brews. No bad taste either. I am about to post up something about lots of green dye alternatives today or tomorrow on my blog “Die, Food Dye!” Thanks for spreading the good word. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


    Big Binder Reply:

    Wow! I never would have thought to use it in beer!!


  2. Wow, this is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! I was thinking the other day if there was natural ways to dye green…now I know the answer! Be sure to come back and link up another recipe at the Weekend Kitchen Link Party!


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