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Remember when I told you that my kids’ art teacher was amazing?

 Somehow, she makes it all work and does a fantastic job teaching, despite school budget cuts that hit art departments especially hard.

She had to work all summer, moving her art room to another part of the school because Kindergarten went from half day to whole day and the school needed her room as classroom space.

Art Room Aid from Blick Art Supplies is helping teachers like her get the supplies she needs for great art education.  I helped to create a ‘wish list’ so she can let folks know what she needs, and you can too!

First, just enter some basic information about the school or organization’s project.


Then go shopping, either at a Blick Art Supplies store or online.  Instead of ‘adding to cart’, add the items to the wish list.



Wish lists can be shared in newsletters, flyers, on Twitter, Facebook, or email to let parents and other people know what donations are needed.  The Art Room Aid website makes it really easy to spread the word.


Or, look for a school near you that needs funding and consider making a donation.  Scroll down the “in your community” aisle in the center of the page to see what is happening near you!

Very easy.

Inspired, even.

Art and art education are important, and allow many kids to express themselves in ways other school activities can’t.

Help your art teacher be an Inspiration To The Next Generation!


The Motherhood will make a donation to our school project.  All opinions are my own.
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