Nice Surprise – Kalahari Resorts are Eco Friendly!

I never would have imagined that a water park could eco-friendly.  There is just so much – water.  And you know, despite what they say… the little ones do tinkle in the kiddie pool from time to time and it takes some heavy duty cleaners to keep it all sanitary for everyone else.

They actually won the a  Partners for Clean Air Recognition Award in 2006, despite the tinkling toddlers. They’ve also formed a Partnership with Clean The World to recycle soap and shampoo products for distribution to impoverished people, helping to prevent the millions of deaths caused by hygiene-related illnesses every day and you KNOW I love that!

They also installed roof top solar panels which heat more than 50% of the hot water for the resort’s facilities and low-flow shower heads for guest rooms which reduced water consumption by 2.46 million gallons per year.  They have the most advanced lighting control systems in the industry, use energy saving fluorescent light bulbs (another favorite thing of mine) and motion sensor lights in public areas.

Other green initiatives like low-flow dishwasher spray heads, which seem like a little thing but it all adds up, and digital thermostats in guest rooms along with low energy consumption water pumps in the park help too.  Since Kalahari Resort is the world’s largest indoor waterpark, they take the responsibility of maintaining eco-friendly practices to help reduce water and energy consumption.  It’s cool when the big guys play nice, isn’t it?

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I am working with Kalahari on a social media campaign and will receive compensation in the form of vouchers.  All opinions are my own.
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