What To Do When The Flame Is Gone {It’s Not A Bad Thing; It’s A Giveaway}

When I was in college, one of the things my room mates and I always made sure to do before going to bed was put out the candles.  Usually, it wasn’t a problem but occasionally attending what was the Number One Party School {it has since slipped to Number Five} in the country took its toll and we forgot to snuff them out.  Fortunately, we never awoke to a house fire but did some serious damage to the furniture and carpet with melted wax.

Then I grew up.

And for almost a decade, I never left the candles burning.  I was organized, and blew them out right after I neatly laid my clothes out for the next day and before I packed my gym bag.

Then I had kids.

Now the clothes are laid out for the kids (usually) and I drop them off at school still wearing my penguin pajama bottoms.  Instead of gym bags I pack backpacks. It’s not a night of fun partying that allows blowing out the candles to slip my mind; it’s just being tired. And boring. Too bad because nice, gentle candle light is perfect in the evening.

Then I found out about flameless candles.

I’ll admit at first, I thought it was kind of goofy.  Candles with batteries? How sad.  But, I decided to give them a try and anyone who has been over to my house in the past 3 weeks has listened to me gush about them.  I love them.

They are made by Energizer out of real wax so they look, feel, and smell like real candles.  The little tiny bulb that flickers is programmed to not to repeat for up to 72 hours and I think we should pause and recognize that someone had to design a flicker program not to repeat.  How do people find these jobs?

The candles last for 800 hours, which is WAY longer than a regular candle which lasts about a day for me because I forget to blow it out {see above}. The best part is that they have an auto shut off you can set for 4, 6 or 8 hours so even if you forget to turn them off you won’t use up the battery by leaving them on all the time.

Would you like to try Energizer Flameless Wax Candles in your home? Enter my giveaway below.  Good luck!

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Energizer provided me with my newest obsession, Flameless Wax Candles to try.  I love them, but that is my own opinion.
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  1. Pumpkin spice! Yum!


  2. Pumpkin Spice sounds perfect for this time of year!


  3. seriously – these are so cool, wow! anything would smell better than my house does now, lol…but honey vanilla sounds good! :)


  4. They all sound fabulous…but I would love to try pomegranate passion :)


  5. Pumpkin spice


  6. I always use spice scents all year round so that is what I would try.


  7. cool. I would love to try these


  8. I would love to try these


  9. Sarah Merrill says:

    These sound awesome for the candle-challenged! [I, too, gave up candles post-kids for similar reasons.]


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