You Never Know {Our Visit To Fort Rapids Indoor Water Park}

I just came in from sitting outside.  It’s a pretty evening; the sky is light blue beneath clouds made pink by the setting sun. It’s not warm, but not quite cold either.  The crickets are still chirping, but that will end soon.  You never know when it’s the last time, one day they are chirping away, and the next time you remember to pay attention, they are done. Gone until spring.

You never know when it’s the last time you will see someone, either. As we headed down to Columbus in August, we got the phone call that my Grandma was dying. We turned around, and were fortunate to see her one last time before she died.  A month later, with plans rescheduled, we went down to Columbus again.  On the way, we stopped at the same exact place we had stopped before to gather our thoughts and turn around.  My husband suggested we say a little prayer for Grandma. It was lovely.

The mood had lifted a lot by the time we got to our destination, Fort Rapids.  The kids were beyond impressed with the room we stayed in, and made a short video for you.  Actually, they made a long video for you but I edited it.  The full version covered the air conditioning unit, toilet, and window in great detail. You’re welcome.

The whole resort is decked out in a western theme; and it’s very relaxed and welcoming.

I didn’t take my camera into the water park area.  It was a bit smaller than other indoor water parks we have been to, but had more to do for toddler aged kids than most. The Blackout Pass is insane, or so I heard.  I was way too big of a chicken to try this giant bowl/slide thing.

It wins the lazy river award; it is nice and long, moves quickly, and has plenty of single and double flotation devices available. There is a ton to do in Columbus, and I wish we had been able to spend more time there.  Fort Rapids would be a perfect home base for exploring Columbus!

At night, the staff of Fort Dodge has milk, cookies, and storytime in front of a big fireplace in the lobby.  The kids bounce in wearing jammies, scarf down cookies, and settle in for a book.  By the end, they have droopy eyes and tired bodies from swimming all day, making it the perfect way to wind down.

A.P. asked me if he could sit on my lap.  He’s nine, and he doesn’t ask much anymore.  I was a little squashed but not complaining a bit.  I wondered if it was the last time he would ask to sit on my lap. I hope not, but you never know.  If it was; I’m glad we were snuggled in front of a fire, together as a family and enjoying milk and cookies after a fun day.

Our lodging and waterpark passes were provided by Fort Rapids.  All opinions are my own.
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