An Honest Review of Zone Perfect Perfectly Simple Bars

I have been to a lot of blog conferences this year.  My kids have become seasoned swag professionals; sniffing out the good stuff immediately upon my arrival home.  Swag is the stuff the attendees get from the conference sponsors.  Some of it is pretty sweet, some of it I just take to be polite.

These companies spend a lot of money to sponsor conferences, and while I have made some fantastic connections with them (it’s how I get a lot of the giveaways), I don’t generally write a review just because a company gives me something at a conference.  I think you guys would get bored to death with this blog if I did that, and I love you all too much to let that happen.  There are a lot of cool new products at these conferences though; and I decided to write one post about what my kids considered the best swag of the season.

I did not expect to be writing about Zone Perfect Perfectly Simple Bars.

They were up against candy, T-shirts, stuffed animals, toys, games, and snacks that tumbled out of my suitcase when I got home. If they were slathered in chocolate and involved marshmallows, I could understand.  But they aren’t.  In fact, the ingredient list is short {they all have 10 ingredients or less} and fairly unobjectionable.  Date paste, rolled oats, peanut butter, coconut; stuff that you actually recognize.  The reason I don’t often give my kids snack bars is because I don’t like soy protein isolate, though which these do have.

However; it is better than candy bars posing as a granola bar and I’m happy to keep them on hand for snacking on the fly or when you need a protein snack that doesn’t require refrigeration.  Hard boiled eggs and yogurt do not do well in the car.  Trust me on that.

These aren’t good for kids under 4 because of the amount of protein in them; 10 grams is more than they need at once.  They are gluten free, and one flavor has peanuts in it but they all have that “manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts” disclaimer on the label.  I feel badly that I didn’t see that at first and sent one to school with Maybelle who has a kid in her class with a peanut allergy (I sent the coconut one), but thankfully whatever trace amount of peanut dust was on it didn’t make its way to that kid because nothing happened.

I don’t even buy a ton of pre-packaged snack bars, so maybe there was a novelty factor? Even more surprising to me was that the Toasted Coconut is their favorite.

Have you tried Zone Perfect Perfectly Simple Bars? What did you think?

I received a sample to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are my own.
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