How Many West Michigan Bloggers Does It Take To Build A House?

When Energizer decided to get involved with Habitat For Humanity as part of their Now That’s Positivenergy campaign, they reached out to some local bloggers here in West Michigan for help.

This past Friday, Rachel from Mom Colored Glasses painted, Sarah’s Deals measured, I marked, and jodimichelle and StaceySays cut trim boards for a house in the Dickinson School neighborhood.

Energizer and Habitat for Humanity along with Meijer have teamed up to help build new homes and revitalize existing homes in partnership with families who are in urgent need of improved housing.

Grand Rapids is the 11th stop on Energizer’s 13-city tour of volunteer projects around the country and is donating more than $350,000 and 1,500 volunteer hours into the communities.

I think a concert tour t-shirt would be awesome; with each of the 13 stops listed like they were concert dates.  Maybe they would even get groupies!

Dude. I was totally swinging a hammer in St. Louis last week but cutting trim board in Grand Rapids rocks.

Call me, Energizer.  I’m full of great ideas like this.

I had the pleasure of meeting the soon to be owner who works a night shift and raises six {yes six!} children, four of which are adopted.  She has to work a certain number of “sweat equity” hours to earn the home, either in her own house or another Habitat.  She can also earn hours by taking classes on financial and home management, which she and I agreed makes for a better homeowner and increases her chances of a successful home ownership experience.  I told her she is not unlike the Energizer Bunny, so full of energy and optimism! I was really excited for, and honored to talk with her.

Energizer provided goodie bags for her to take to her new neighbors, full of things like batteries (of course), nightlights, and smoke detectors.   As someone who believes firmly that change happens one neighborhood at a time, seeing that there were several Habitat For Humanity houses on the street was extremely encouraging. I had an amazing afternoon with some of my favorite bloggy friends and was proud to have helped change a neighborhood and be part of a great project for one incredible woman who just keeps going, and going, and going…

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  1. Love this! We are swamped right now – maybe another time :).


  2. LOVE this. Thanks for posting :) It was so much fun to do this with you ladies, makes this side of blogging one of the best parts yet.



  3. This is so great! Now I want to organize some bloggers in Raleigh to do this too. Thanks for sharing.



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