Twenty Five Things To Do With Kids In Grand Rapids

Big Binder celebrates raising children in this community – but what is it like to be a kid here? Pretty exciting, if you ask me! Here is a list of 25 things to do with your children in Grand Rapids {while they’re still young!}.

Some are year round and some are annual or seasonal events; so the links may go back to a previous year.  Many of them are posts with information about how to do the activities with a budget in mind, too.  Bonus!


  1. Go to the kids’ events at LaughFest {March}
  2. Learn about Maple Syrup making at Blandford Nature Center’s Sugar Bush {March}
  3. Ride the Troops Train in Coopersville {May}
  4. Go to a Whitecaps game {May to September}
  5. Participate in the library Summer Reading Programs {June}
  6. Go to Festival of the Arts {June}
  7. Participate in the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Kids Bike Race {varies}
  8. See the Fourth of July Fireworks in Ab Nab Awen Park {July}
  9. Pick blueberries
  10. Participate in the Grand Rapids Kids Marathon {October}
  11. Help with the Mayor’s River Clean Up {varies}
  12. Go to the Harvest Festival at Blandford Nature Center {October}
  13. Go to a Griffins game {October to April}
  14. Check out the kid stuff at ArtPrize {October}
  15. Go to the Santa Parade {November}
  16. Watch the Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve {December}
  17. Go ice skating at Rosa Parks Circle {December to March}
  18. Go to a Grand Rapids Symphony Lollipops concert
  19. Ride the carousel at the Grand Rapids Public Museum
  20. Attend a First Saturday event at the Calvin Eco Preserve
  21. Go to the Children’s Garden at Meijer Gardens
  22. Go to an apple orchard
  23. Go to John Ball Park Zoo
  24. Go see Rick the Reptile Guy at Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park
  25. Swing in the DiSuervo Tire Swing

How many of these have your kids done? Mine are at 24 – we have yet to hit the tire swing :)

What would you add to this list?

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  1. LOVE! I’m especially partial to the Lollipops concerts… not many parents know about those. They are INCREDIBLE. Thanks for another great post promoting our incredible community.


  2. We’ve done 16…not too bad but we’ve got work to do :)



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