Chalk It Up To Fun! {Chalk City Giveaway!}

The Big Binder family has a happy history with chalk. We go way back. The Great Chalk Flood of 2009 is still something my kids talk about, and they love when it gets warm enough for them to mark up the neighborhood with those big, powdery sticks of color.  I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled with their artwork all over the place; because it’s outstanding.

A Butterfly With A "Compound Eye".

A few weeks ago, Maybelle and A.P. got to try a new way of having fun with their old friend chalk. Chalk City lets kids create roads, racetracks, road signs, and obstacle course.  Since they are also very active kids, adding movement to design keeps them busy and occupied longer (yesss!).

They didn’t have their bikes or scooters out that day, but have made plans for some type of neighborhood race with all of the kids on our street.  Should I alert the authorities?

Everything in Chalk City is very compact and folds up flat, so we will be taking it on a few summer road trips with us.

Look out America; my kids are armed with chalk and your city will never be the same.

Easy to use stencils.

The stencils are really heavy-duty, which I know because if something is cheaply made my kids will break it within the first  three minutes.

A.P. with the Road Maker

The Road Maker is the coolest part.  It unfolds and holds two pieces of chalk so kids can make tracks, streets, or anything else that requires two parallel lines.

First they made an obstacle course.

My kids didn’t even look at the activity book that came with it; they just got right to work.  After the obstacle course, they created a whole town full of streets and pretended they were driving.  They even had a crash.

Ambulance transporting the crash victim to the hospital.

You can check here to see if a store near you carries Chalk City, or buy it from The Road Maker is $19.99, the Road Sign Stencils are $14.99, and the Obstacle Course Stencils are $14.99. There are three stencils in each pack.

Or, you could just win one! One person will receive the same kit we did {the Road Maker, Road Sign Stencils, and Obstacle Course Stencils}. Good luck!

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Do you think your kids would enjoy Chalk City?

This is a compensated post on behalf of Chalk City. I also received a kit for review and Chalk City is providing one kit for the winner of my giveaway. All opinions are my own.
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  1. Stephanie Pearson says:

    My kiddos have always LOVED chalk. My oldest, CT, used to sit and make these chalk cities for hours. This was one of my favs


  2. Stephanie Pearson says:

    I think…they would do real life cities first…although maze tag looks really cool!


  3. Diane Zielinski says:

    My kids may try the maze tag. The running around with chalk sounds like something they would do.


  4. Shannon Giles says:

    We would probably do the Maze Tag. My son is just getting in to playing Tag and this would be fun for him.


  5. Kat Russomanno says:

    This looks like so much fun!!!


  6. Sounds TOTALLY too fun. My kids would really like it. Enter me? :)


  7. My kids would probably do Maze Tag first.


  8. We love sidewalk chalk here and go through buckets of it in the summer. I am sure the kids would love the stencils. Thanx for the chance to enter.


  9. hot shot basketball! My husband would join right in!


  10. Maze Tag looks like fun for the kids!


  11. Kymi Adams says:

    Our kids would love Real life city they can build what ever they want looks like a great activity. Thank you for the chance to win.


  12. My kids would love this … and I’m thinking of hosting a neighborhood chalk party soon. This would be perfect!


  13. I think my kid would probably make a roadway to where to park my car


  14. My kids would make a city in the driveway of where to park and directions to the house


  15. LOVE this idea – my son is young so I would probably stick to making the circles and the real cities signs for him to drive his Hot Wheels around.


  16. Hot shot basketball looks like a blast!!!


  17. Oh hot shot basketball all the way!!


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