Autistic Kids Need More Than Awareness, But That’s A Good Start

PinExt Autistic Kids Need More Than Awareness, But Thats A Good Start

It’s hard for me to gauge who has heard, and who still has no idea. In the circles I run it; no one is surprised to hear that the Center For Disease Control released the ‘new data’ {using data from a handful of states that is four years old} about Autism: it affects 1 in 88 kids.

How is this not a health crisis?!

What does the number need to be? Regardless of claims that the numbers are increasing so quickly because of better screening, AUTISM AFFECTS 1 IN 88 KIDS!

The activist in me has to focus my energies on advocating for my own child and my heart is broken about not being able to jump into this movement with all I have right now.

But I do have two blogs (Big Binder and The UnProcessed Kitchen), and this will most likely be the only time I post exactly the same content on both.

Today, for Autism Awareness Day, I looked for research to share with you, but the scientific studies are not there. The research is not there.  The funding is not there.  Disagreements about what the causes, effects, or even definition of Autism are OK with me.  What is not OK with me is that every time these statistics are released, there is a huge call for research, and then nothing happens, and then a few years later the numbers go even higher, there is a call for research; and nothing.

I will say this as my contribution to Autism awareness:

  • I have one of those kids
  • I believe that Autism is not a mental disorder, it is a physical disease
  • I believe that Autism is, to some extent, treatable
  • I believe that, in some cases, Autism is preventable
  • I believe that children cannot learn not to be Autistic and that schools need to provide services to them rather than punishment.

All I can do is start a conversation, so let’s hear it.  What is your experience with Autism? What are your thoughts on its causes, effects, and our national response to this?

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  1. Kristin says:

    I”m a Glass is Half Full person, so I’d like to say that my own experience with Autism has been a journey of patience, learning and inspiration. However, over the past 4.5 years we have experienced despair, frustration and isolation like many families of autistic children. I will admit that I have been obsessed with my son’s recovery… to the point that I spend my few precious hours to myself searching the internet and literature looking for new therapies and ways to heal his body. (HOBT, Chelation Therapy, Special Diet, B-12 shots, Supplements, LND… you name it we’ve tried it and most everything with positive gains.) I diagnosed my son with PANDAS 2 years ago and finally was able to find a doctor to listen to me and order testing last year. So my son has 2 autoimmune disorders: Autism and PANDAS. That brings me to the next item of discussion of possible causes. Each child with autism is different – not all interventions work. The same is true, I believe, for the cause for each child, however, Environment plays the biggest factor. The Director of the National Institute of Health admitted last year that the cause for autism has to be Environment as there is not such thing as a Genetic Epidemic. I believe that our food supply could be less toxic, the air we breath is toxic (thanks to the coal burning plant by South Haven), and yes, sometimes our pregnant bodies are toxic like mine thanks to the black mercury fillings in my mouth. (which by the way, are illegal in Europe as the WHO stated a few years back that the largest Mercury exposure to people is via their own dental amalgams.) That brings me to vaccines….. So if the FDA states that the Toxic Dose of Aluminum for an infant is 20 Micrograms. If somebody told you to inject your new born baby with 250 Micrograms of Aluminum would you do it? How about 1,875 Micrograms at 2 months of age? If you said “Sure” that’s what parents are doing every day by allowing their child to get the Hep B vaccine and all the CDC recommended vaccines at 2 months of age. Aluminum. is a known neurotoxin and there has not been one multi-dose safety testing ever completed! Walter Zahorodny, assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark. Zahorodny was the lead researcher on the CDC New Jersey portion of the study. He admitted in an interview today “Vaccines don’t play a significant role in autism increasing. Some small number of children probably do have autism because of an adverse vaccine reaction, but they don’t make for the overall rise.” A small number of children… like 1 in 88 doctor?? People need to wake up! Our children are among the sickest in the world and we have awful infant mortality rate to boot. Like I stated on my FB page yesterday – if action is not taken soon then we are going to become the United States of the Disabled. (1 in 9 by 2022) I don’t see things changing anytime soon since the vaccine is a 20 Billion Dollar industry and clearly money is more important that our children’s health, well being and happiness.


    Big Binder Reply:

    Kristin you have been such an amazing source of support and information for me! It’s terrifying how much we have to identify and diagnose ourselves; then find a doctor who does not look at us like we are crazy. You are awesome and T. is a very fortunate boy to have you as a mom. His improvement is ASTOUNDING, but the incredible/terrifying thing is that I know other people who have sought treatments (standard and non-standard) with results that blew doctors away.

    I agree that not all treatments work and not all causes are the same, there are probably a multitude of actual conditions currently encompassed in Autism right now, event he different markers along the spectrum. I am with you that environment and vaccines are huge culprits; I don’t regret anything I have done as a parent EXCEPT slowing down the vaccine schedule for my son and refusing flu shots from the get go as I did with my daughter – the difference in their neurology is pretty clear. People do need to wake up – that is frustrating, and sad. Thank you so much for your comments – and for everything!