Weekend Family Fun!

My kids have been sick for a week straight. Not both of them at the same time; there was only a one day overlap.

I hope next time they decide to catch something they are a little more coordinated and just get it all over with at once. A.P. is at school, anxiously awaiting the moment he can hand out his Valentine’s Day Ninjas, but Maybelle is snoozing on the couch and wakes up only long enough to cough her head off.

We have tickets to the Griffins game tonight and are headed out to the new exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum {I’ll have a full report for you!} so I hope she shakes it quickly!

But you, my friend, can have all kinds of fun this weekend!

  • Experience China 10:00 AM Saturday at the Krause Memorial Branch of  Kent District Library.  Crafts, games and performances will be part of this celebration for all ages.  Want to see how we celebrated the Chinese New Year?
  • Make a Valentine Card Creator 10:00 AM Saturday, free at all Lowes locations; make sure to preregister!
  • Make Your Own Bird Feeder, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Ada Park Learning Center. {Great way to get outside!} Get an introduction to local winter birds and build a bird feeder to take home and put up in your yard. $10.00 per feeder. Pre-register at 676-0520 or email mfitzpatrick@adatownshipmi.com.
  • You could also easily adapt our Christmas Cookie Bird Feeder to a Valentine’s Day Cookie Bird Feeder, too!  They’re birds. They won’t care if you get them the same gift for two holidays in a row.


I’m updating the Family February Fun constantly, so check back to see what is going on all month!

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