O Pioneers

The past week has been a blur, and it is just now coming into focus.  I’m not ready to say a whole lot about it, but Maybelle’s healing from her tonsillectomy didn’t go quite right. She’s OK now, and although they are fine people I hope not to see the Emergency Room folks again any time soon.

She finally got the all clear and was up for an adventure Saturday so we stopped at Steak and Shake for provisions, then headed west.

All the way to Hudsonville.

On the way, we had to stop and check out this gigantic thing that was for sale along side of the road.  None of us had any idea what it was, but we left four quarters in the coffee can and threw it in the van. Er, covered wagon. {It turned out to be some type of mutant cucumber, and also, disgusting}.

We don’t get out that way often, but A.P. had been studying pioneers in school, and Master Arts Theatre was showing Little House On The Prairie.  Good timing, yes?

The play was a little late getting started, and given the chance my kids tend to chat up strangers.  A.P. launched into a riveting explanation about the different types of pioneer homes and actually? If they were really in the prairie? They would probably build a soddy because they wouldn’t have that many trees to build a log cabin? And so on.

The people in Hudsonville are extremely patient.  One woman asked me if my kids were homeschooled, which I took as a compliment but I am not entirely certain if she meant it as one.

The performance was at a church (that’s kinda how they roll in Hudsonville) and all of the actors were young.  When we got there and realized all of that I was kind of disappointed. Until the play started, that is.  It was fantastic.  There was very little in the way of scenery or even props really, but there was no doubt about what was happening in any scene.  These young actors were wonderful.  My kids had to use their imaginations, and for that I am truly grateful.

We swung by a pumpkin patch on the way home.  A.P. had chosen an oddly shaped one and when it came time to carve them, and my husband determined it would be best ‘gutted’ with a power tool.

Just like Pa would have, I reckon.

This next part is sort of cute, but also sort of embarrassing.   We spent all Sunday afternoon watching the Little House On the Prairie box set I checked out from the library.  We all loved it.

I don’t know why; probably because I hadn’t been out of the house much in the past two weeks, but when I dropped the kids off at school this morning, I felt like we had gone somewhere this weekend.  Somewhere a lot further away than Hudsonville.

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