First Saturday Programs at Calvin EcoPreserve October 1

Yay! It’s back! The First Saturday events at Calvin Eco-Preserve are AWESOME programs held the first Saturday of every month.  We went last year and had an amazing time, they do a fantastic job and are geared towards children, reverent to God, and very educational.  Win, win, win!

This Saturday is a Nature Art Open House, and it runs from 10-12 in the morning. It’s a great tie in to ArtPrize, as children are invited to create their own art work out of natural and recycled materials. They will have stations set up both inside and outside featuring some of the most popular art activities from summer camps and some new ones. From making critters out of leaves and clay to capturing the image of a plant using special sun print paper, everyone will have fun using their creativity to design their own art pieces. All materials are provided.

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  1. Thanks so much for the head’s up to this program!! I had no idea, and it is RIGHT up my girls’ alley. Love it!


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