Things I Love Thursday – Blogging as a Profession!

Blogging is a… job?!

Well, let’s look at what a job is.  You work.  In exchange for that work, you get paid.

Now this here blog is not the most profitable one in town.  Or even on the block.  Or even in this house, actually.  But still.  I get paid for most of the work I do in social media.  Therefore, it is a job.

And it is hard to explain.  My kids kind of understand, but none of their friends do.  I am thrilled about this new book (and am proud to be an affiliate for)

My Mommy Is A Blogger
It’s written by Sommer Poquette of Green and Clean Mom. I told you about Sommer’s new job as Shaklee’s Social Media Manager of Blogger Relations earlier this week {I know.  Girlfriend’s on fire, right?!}  In this book she does a great job of explaining what it is that a blogger does – on a kid’s level.  And it’s funny.  The daughter in the book explains to her class during career day,”My mom writes stuff on the computer.   Her job is to jump up and down when she sees a good oogle number”.

My plan is to take it to career day, read it to the class, and then donate it to the library.  I love blogging as a profession, and I want kids to know that it is a wonderful way to earn a living.  This is the first book to explain that to them.  If you are a blogger, you will want to order a copy.  How cool would it be if by the end of this school year “My Mommy Is A Blogger” was on the shelves of thousands of school libraries? Let’s make it happen!

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  1. How cool! I will have to check that book out. Thanks for sharing.


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