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Did you see my new Active Kids page?

Grand Rapids has so many competitive races, and many of them have fun runs and bike races that have events for kids! Most of them are very inexpensive, if not free for kids to participate and it’s a fantastic way to get them involved in a community event while they’re learning that exercising can be fun.

This is clearly a lesson I missed somewhere…

I started doing aerobics in 7th grade, and moved on to a successful high school sporting career as a Pom Pon girl.  And even this many years later I feel the need to stop and explain that:

  1. Yes, it is spelled Pom Pon.  That is French for “gets to wear really short skirts to school on Home Game days during basketball season”.
  2. No, it is not the same thing as cheer-leading.  We danced.  We did not yell.
  3. Shut up.  It is too a sport.

When I went to college, walking miles to class (Uphill both ways, naturally.  I was in Georgia so we didn’t have to combat many snow storms though.) kept me in pretty good shape.  Or thin anyway; I doubt my steady diet of Camel Lights and leftover corn muffins from Kenny Rogers Roasters where I worked were really doing much for my overall health.

Later, Joe the Camel cast aside, I started doing aerobics again.  I even got a license. Or permit.  Or certification – whichever it is that allows you to teach other people how to jump on and off a step for 55 minutes to special fitness editions of gems like “My Baby Daddy”.

I will be very sad if I am the the only 90’s era group fitness devotee and that last reference is lost on all of you.

Last year, a group of friends decided to run a 5K.  I’ve never been a fantastic runner, but I had run a 5K before and the whole group element of it was exciting to me.

And I ran.  And I came in lastAnd I didn’t care.

But, I also got laughed at for being so slow, then I fell off the treadmill and learned in a separate, unfortunate incident that it takes a special talent to hurt your shoulder while running.

I kept running after that, but not as much.  Then winter came and I stopped running outside, it was only at the gym and not nearly often enough.

Now I am part of “Mission Healthier Me”, a group that is chronicling our successes, failures, and experiences with getting healthier.  It’s not just about exercise, but that’s where I started.  You can follow along with their journeys too:


Champagne LivingPhotobucketCrazy Adventures in ParentingThrifty and Chic Mom


I decided it was time to start getting up far too early and wogging again.  This is my version of running, and looks deceivingly like walking.  It isn’t, though, because I actually walk faster than I run.  So we wog.  Me and my dog.

Here is how the first week went:

  • Monday: This ain’t happenin’.  Went back to sleep.
  • Tuesday: Deliberated for 42 minutes (my snooze alarm is 7 minutes) and finally got out of bed. Remembered that once I was actually in motion, it was easy.  And it was.
  • Wednesday: Cut down snoozes to a mere 6. Being outside was chilly, but felt wonderful. Realized I snoozed longer than I exercised.
  • Thursday: Got to admit it’s getting better. A little better all the time (can’t get much worse). Unfortunately, my MP3 player died and it started raining 2/3 of the way into my wog. Listened to the birdies instead and hustled home.
  • Friday:  Brief, hazy snooze-alarm argument with self about whether or not I could skip today because “Three times the first week is enough”.  Lost/won that one, and got out of bed and did it.  Crazy windy outside, but swearing made it much better.

I had an amazing week. I know myself, and know that if I go full guns into this, I will last for 2 weeks on sheer motivation, then fizzle out. I have to start slowly, and build on it. I accept that the results will also be slow, but the change will be lasting. And if I fall off the wagon (or off the treadmill) again – I will start over. THAT’S the hard part. Not starting; but starting again. And again.  And again…

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  1. Naturally, you are hilarious. Additionally, I applaud your efforts this week. Finally, LOVE the active kids initiative!

    Also? Can I please add “ly” to 17% of all the words I use today? Thank you.


    Big Binder Reply:

    The dog picture is just for you :) Seriously!


  2. You are SO cute! And you’re gonna kick ass!! Woohoo! :)


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