Tasty Tuesday – Chez Olga

Remember this weekend? Flowers were blooming, birds were singing.  It was spring.  For a brief, fleeting moment…

And today we had a snow day.

During our 36 hours of passable roadways and wearing only the inner layers of our three piece parkas, we decided to visit Chez OlgaWe’d been there before, and I literally ate so much trying to taste everything I was almost sick.  Think Homer Simpson, “So full.  So good. So much pain. Can’t.. stop…eating.

Realizing that I can visit any time I want, my strategy was a bit different this time.  Although I really wanted to get the Goat Stew again (Don’t judge.  I bet you’d like it if you tried it.), I decided to try a plantain sandwich.  Except the plantain was the ‘bread’, not the middle.  The middle some kind of salted beef.  It was delicious.

One thing I could not resist having again was the coleslaw.  It’s spicy and fresh. Really spicy.

And one more thing I couldn’t resist having again was the Haitian tea.  The key ingredient is ginger.  My taste buds are jumping up and down as I write this.  Settle down, guys.  We’ll go back.

A.P. is a huge fan of shrimp, so he ordered the shrimp and noodles.  The food is cooked with the amount of heat you want; and he didn’t want any heat at all.  Just the shrimp, and lots of it.  He didn’t love his dish though, because the shrimp had sauce on it, and he just wanted “Shrimp.  And noodles.”  Fortunately, Maybelle got a chicken and broccoli noodle soup she couldn’t finish because the bowl was HUGE so between that and eating half of my plantain sandwich, everyone was pretty darn happy.

Midway through the meal, A.P. started chatting up a couple at the table next to us.  They were clearly on a date.  Without kids.  I tried to reign him back in, but they were very nice, and we all started chatting.  It was so not the normal restaurant experience, but there is just a really friendly atmosphere at Chez Olga that is kind of contagious.  They were visiting from out of town, and like the good little Grand Rapids ambassador I’ve raised him to be, he insisted they visit Yesterdog before they left town.  We steered them towards Brewery Vivant instead, and bid them babay (which is pretty much ‘see ya’ in Creole).

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  1. So glad you said to buy the groupon. Can’t wait to try this. I loooooove ginger tea!


  2. Thanks for the head’s up!! There are so many awesome Eastown restaurants these days that this one has slipped off our radar. The hubs used to frequent this location when it was a Mexican restaurant… but this new one sounds fantastic!


    Big Binder Reply:

    Yeah, I like it a lot better than Rafavs, but it’s still the same funky spot!


  3. Thank to all god bless


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