Budget Boosters – Less Stuff, More “Yes!”

My husband and I have started an annual “Christmas Shopping” tradition.  It’s really just an excuse for a date night, as we kick it off with dinner.  And drinks. And maybe a  movie.

It’s really a wonder that anyone receives presents from either of us.

So there we were, talking about what else to get our kids who of course, don’t need anything.   And really, they don’t want anything too badly.  While that might seem like a good thing, it makes the “what to buy” decision difficult.  Our house is tiny.  Bringing more stuff into it it is not a good idea.

Right there at Texas Roadhouse over a bucket of peanuts we came up with a frugal, clutter-free, manageable gift idea that had us writing our acceptance speeches for “Parents of the Year”.

Coupon books; full of things the kids want to do that we procrastinate, or just don’t feel like doing.  I am hoping we are not alone in parental laziness.

Please tell me we are not alone in our parental laziness.

We’re still working out the details, but what’s on the table is “making a snowman”, “walking to the park”, “playing Mario Brothers on the Wii” and a few others.  We do these things, yes, but leaving it to the times where free time and a kid-friendly energy level intersect is not enough.

The way it will work is this:  the kids get a coupon book and can choose a certain number of activities a week.  They will be added to the weekly calendar I do better when things are planned, which is why I attend so many events.  They’re on the calendar.  But the spontaneous stuff? I kinda stink at.

My husband, likewise, does better when things are planned, but for different reasons.  When he’s not working he has homework and also requires (in my opinion) a ridiculous amount of “down time”.

If there is anything that can get his butt moving it’s parental guilt.

Has anyone tried this with their kids? Don’t worry; our kids are getting presents too.  Just not an overwhelming amount. We’re not that lame.

What do you say ‘no’ to just because you don’t feel like doing it; not because you actually can’t do it?

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