Holiday Round Up

Oh, this week. 

YOU ARE KILLING ME, THIS WEEK!  It’s been a blur! Nothing throws a family off like a round of stomach flu, does it?! We’re all full strength now and ready to rock the weekend.  On deck is a Griffins Game and the Santa Parade.  For the first time in three years, I am actually able to go with my kids.  I can’t wait! 

Looking for more holiday fun? Check out my Guide to Grand Rapids Holiday Celebrations with Kids.  Did anyone make it to the tree lighting at the Ford Museum? We were at a Great Start Meeting last night!

I went through some Posts of Christmas Past and found some fun ones I hope you enjoy.  First, if you want to make gifts for Christmas and you haven’t started yet – you still have time.  Several years ago I made these Gifts In A Jar and since none of our current teachers have received them yet we’re going to do it again this year!

Want to try Latkes? This is another tradition we lost while I was working during the Christmas season that I’m going to revive.  Here’s how it went a few years ago (with a book suggestion to match, naturally).

Remember when I gave my suggestions for Frazzle Free Holiday Travel? A friend of mine (like, an in real life friend I’ve known a long, long time!) who works for a hotel corporation emailed me with her “Friends and Family” code and said I could share it with you! Awesome, yes? If you need to book a hotel, definitely check out this site and it will automatically give you the discount on Holiday Inn, Staybridge, and Candlewood hotels! (Thanks Kristin!!)

Remember there are two winners for my Meal Bakes contest I’ll be choosing tomorrow (after the parade :) ) and you still have time to enter! Next week I’m going to roll out an experiment I feel very warm and fuzzy and communal and BigBinder-ish about.  I hope you’ll love it as much as I do and join in!  I’m also working with a local artist as part of the West Michigan Bloggers Handmade for the Holidays Hop.  More on that (and more chances to win) next week.

Have a great weekend!

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