Palazzolo – Mi Amor!

After deliberating for a few years, we finally realized that A.P. was never going to grow into his tonsils. They just kept getting bigger along with the rest of him, so it was time.  They were huge, and they were causing problems.  They needed to come out. 

We set up the surgery in July when my husband would have some time off work.  I am really good with people when they are sick (completely missed my calling as a nurse), but I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else.  The worst part was watching A.P. go under.  The anesthesiologist told me afterward he kind of ‘feels a parent out’ during the consultation and determines whether or not they are going to freak out.  If they seem like they’ll be able to hold it together, they can come in and be with their kid.

I passed the test.  I got to stay and watch my son have weird seizures and hold his legs down.  Lucky me.

Let’s move on to the best part of this experience; which was, of course, the treats.  We had a freezer full of fruit bars, ice-cream, and jello.  A.P. wouldn’t eat more than a bite of any of them. He had been prescribed OxyContin, but didn’t agree with Rush Limbaugh’s positive assessment of it and refused to take it.  His throat hurt, and nothing was worth swallowing.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Palazzolo’s Lemon Custard Gelato was the first thing he ate in a few days.  Not only that; he ate half the container.  I was really relieved when I looked at the ingredients and they were all completely natural. 

It is a special treat for us now.  I can only find it at Family Fare and not every store carries it.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw that it was made in Fennville.  The website makes me drool and I am jealous of anyone who has access to all 600 flavors. Road trip!

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  1. You know we are related to these people. Not sure how but we are. So I could probably hook you up. If you make it worth my time 😉


  2. Name your price.


  3. Hmmm…… I gotta dream big here.


  4. Y’know… I’m like a Palazzolo’s distributor. 😉

    My mother’s boss’s grown daughter in OH loves the stuff and can’t find it there. I buy it here and bring it down there. It’s in hot demand.



  1. […] I have never tried Palazzolo Artisan Gelatos and Sorbettos, despite the fact that my friend over at The Big Binder raves about them all the time. Now that it’s going to be famouos, I really should go check it […]

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