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tiltWe’ve kind of been around the block with memberships.  We did the Children’s Museum one year, the Zoo one year, and now are up for renewal on our most recent membership, Meijer Gardens.  We have gotten so much use out of it, I don’t even have to think twice about renewing.  It’s a big place with many different events all throughout the year, so it’s worth it for us to have a family membership.

Last fall, the kids and I did a Kids Tram tour and absolutely loved it – you can read about that adventure here.  During one of our Tuesday Night concerts at the Gardens, we noticed that there was a Kids Tram running this summer too, so we went back yesterday to check it out.  There were three tram tours running that day, so I felt confident we would be able to take a ride.  When I went to get tickets, I was really disappointed to find out that all of the Kids Tram tours had been booked for the day.  A combination of a not easily deterred mom and very cooperative Gardens employees allowed us to squish onto one of the trams with the group that had booked them for the day; and in a front row seat at that.

We had a blast.   During the tour they played “I Spy”, and the kids had to find sculptures the tour guide described – they loved it.  There is a backpack on each seat, and she tells the kids what to take out of the bags, and when.  There were several stops during the 45 minute-ish tour, so the kids didn’t get too wiggly. At the end, the tram drove to the amphitheater and the kids got to get up on stage and do a ‘performance’ for the grown ups of the sculptures.  We talked about sculptures ALL DAY so I know that the learning really sunk in.

Meijer Gardens is world class, and I take that for granted sometimes because it’s so close.  I love having a membership there and not getting bored with it.  I have searched high and low for some coupon, discount, or special on membership but haven’t found one.  There are two ways to visit the Gardens for free though.  First, if you hold a Grand Rapids Public Library (isn’t it remarkable that I find a way to work the library into every single post I write?) card you can ‘check out’ a pass for Meijer Gardens.  Get the deets on that here.

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Post originally published August 27, 2009 and re-purposed for Field Trip Friday on Sarah’s Deals.

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  1. I completely agree with you. We LOVE our Garden’s membership!!


  2. Love Meijer Gardens! It might have to be the next membership we purchase. We currently have a Blandford Nature Center one we hardly use. Just haven’t found the time.

    Thanks for “repurposing” and linking up!



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