Oohh! St. LOU!

As you probably know, my good friend and blogger 3inunder3 moved to St. Louis (April 23, 2007 but not like it left a giant wound or anything).  We went to visit her family last year, and I had the pleasure of meeting her cousin and blogger Why Are They Calling ME Mom

There is lots of fun bloggy news from St. Louis to tell you about.  They went to a ‘blogger mixer’ at Build A Bear (Build A Bear? Come here! There are tons of bloggers in Grand Rapids!) and now both of them are having contests you can enter!  If you win, you’ll get a Build A Bear gift certificate. Very cool.

Here is the link to 3inunder3’s contest.  And here is the link to Why Are They Calling ME Mom?‘s contest.  Good luck!

Also, there is a new Etsy store you will want to check out.  Brought to you by the very talented and creative Livvie Lee (who, incidentally, is also 3inunder3); you will find some very, very cool stuff here.  Really. Go browse around, I am sure you will find something you love.  Also, she is giving away a cute re-usable grocery bag on her blog to celebrate. Go on now, enter away right here!

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  1. It’s always happening in the Lou!!! Yeah right!! Thanks for mentioning our giveaways. I am very psyched, blogging for one year… who knew it would last?! Good luck to all!!


  2. Here’s another Livvie Lee contest going on now, for one of her cute aprons!



  3. We need to have a GR blogger meet up. Do you think it would be a bunch of weirdos. Or the SUPER COOL like us?


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